Nifty option tips
Nifty option tips

Very Basic Points about Nifty Option Trading

Let us start with the point what beginners Retail traders do. A Retail trader will buy Call Option , if he thinks market will go up or he will Buy PE Option If he thinks market will go down. This is the only thing a new retail trader understand about the nifty option market. So if are you also trading on that view without any understand of Option strategies, Open Interest , Option Chain analysis and many other factors. There are 99% Chances that you will make end up with high losses.

First we need to understand the basics of option market and after that only you need to start trading. As per our opinion your first 6 months should be go for learning only and trades should be very less. Start with minimal capital of Rs 25,000/- only and you as learn the option market you can increase your capital. The First thing trader should learn is discipline and risk management. You should not take risk of more than 2% of capital traded. Let us Understand this with example , if your capital is Rs 1,00,000/- in 1 trade you cant afford to loose more than Rs 2,000/- . A Retail traders comes in market with Rs 25,000 and want to earn Rs 2,50,000 within 10 days, where a person with good knowledge in market comes with 2,50,000/- Capital and want to earn 25000/- only in 1 month.

Now let us understand what experienced traders do. An experienced traders will always make strategy, they never buy a naked CE Option Or PE Option Most of the traders are selling CE Option or PE Option and earn the premium amount by checking Option Chain.  If They are selling the CE Option of in the money strike price they will definitely cover this with some out of money PE Option also to cover up the losses.

Nifty option tips, call put option tips

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Bank Nifty Future-Option Tips

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Bank Nifty option tips
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Nifty Option Tips

Nifty option tips

Best Stock/Nifty option tips provider:-  Nifty tips 

StockBox Technology Private Limited is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst Company providing trading tips in Call Put Option Tips, nifty tips, option tips, and other option trading tips. Trade with one of the best option tips provider company in India. It is important to note here , "Nifty Option Tips" is just a website name -Domain name which was booked by us in past 2017, and its a name only . This website is owned and maintained By Stock Box Technology Private Limited. This is not our official website , Please visit our official website Kindly read our Invester Charter And Complaint Data Mechanism before investing or trading.

  • We provide daily Nifty option tips / Future and option tips / Stock option tips with single target
  • SEBI Registered Research Analyst. Please Read Disclaimer before entering into any trade.
  • We are providing 100%  intraday nifty tips and there will be no positional holdings In Intraday  Call put option tips
  • In 95% of cases, we give only 1  tip per day in each segment.
  • SMS will be reached within 5 seconds.
  • Traders will get a minimum of 5 mins to enter and 5 mins to exit from our intraday option tips.
  • We provide you both entry & exit messages ( Either for target Or Stop-loss ).
  • Our Average success rate is upto 80% on a monthly basis.
  • The Minimum capital required Rs 20,000/- to trade per lot in the Nifty option
  • 100% genuine intraday recommendations with 100% transparency.
  • Every day we update our actual performance of every segment irrespective of profit or loss.
  • Just believe and follow us.
  • Read complete disclosure before entry in our options trading call.
  • We are the only company in India providing you trading tips with single entry and single exit.
  • We are providing Intraday option tips which means we will close the position before 03:15 PM.
  • Daily 2-3 Option tips will be provided with a single entry and single stoploss.
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  • ​Our plan are especially made for option traders who don't have proper time to analyze the options market and want to trade in quality calls only rather than quantity trading.
  • ​Daily 1 call in bank nifty option and 1 call in nifty option and 1 call in stock option.
  • Format of Nifty Option : Buy Nifty 15000CE @ 100-102 Target 140 Stoploss 70 ( CMP 100)
Nifty option trading tips
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