Bank Nifty Future Tips - June /2018

04-JuneBank NiftySell265002640026560Tgt AchvdRs 20,000/-
05-JuneBank NiftyBuy261252620026080Tgt AchvdRs 15000/-
06-JuneBank NiftySell263102623526365SL HIT Rs 11000/-
07-JuneBank NiftySell266902649026750SL HIT Rs -12000/-
08-JuneBank NiftySell263802632026430Tgt AhvdRs 12000/-
11-JuneBank Nifty Sell266202655526665Tgt AchvdRs 13,000/-
12-JuneBank NiftySell265952653026640Tgt AchvdRs 13,000/-
13-JuneBank NiftySell267202666026770Tgt AchvdRs 12000/-
Bank NiftyBuy265052656526455Tgt AchvdRs 12000/-
Bank Nifty
Tgt Achvd
Rs 12000/-
18-JuneBank NiftySell263852632526435Exit @ 26395Rs 00/-
19-JuneBank NiftyBuy252462530625196Tgt AchvdRs 12000/-

Total Profit - Rs 98000/-

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About Nifty option tips

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