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At Nifty option tips, we provide bank nifty tips for tomorrow with a single target daily with 60 points profit. Bank nifty is volatile but we maintain 90% accuracy on a constant basis. Get a one-day free trial in bank nifty future/option tips to check our entry and exit timings.

About bank nifty provider:

 Whenever you trade in Bank Nifty tips today You have trade-in multiplication of 20.

Features of Bank nifty tips:-

  • We are providing daily single Bank nifty option tips / Bank Nifty future with single entry and single exit.
  • Our trading tips are with single target and single stop loss
  • Daily Target 60 points and Stop-loss - 40 points 
  • We maintain an accuracy of 80-90% in our trading calls.
  • There will be no partial booking in between. Exit at one time only.
  • We provide service through Whats-app and SMS Both
  • Trading calls will be intraday only there will be no holding in this package.
  • Traders will get a minimum of 5 minutes to enter and 5 minutes to exit in our trading call.
  • Rs 5000/- Capital required to trade in 1 lot trading ( 20 qty per Lot )

How to trade in Bank nifty future tips

Well people, we are here for you to elaborate technical and fundamental analysis of bank nifty.
Let us take a step by step analysis

The current lot size of Bank Nifty is 20. Suppose the current market price of bank nifty future is 29000 and we have provided a buy recommendation."Buy Bank nifty future @ 29000 Target 29100 Stop-Loss 28960".
In case of bank nifty future price moves from 29000 to 29100 it means our target has been achieved and we have earned 100 Points x 20 = Rs 2,000/-.In the worst-case Bank nifty future price came down from 29100 to 28960 it means we have lost 40 points x 20 = Rs 800/-.

Now let us understand how to trade in banknifty option tips:-

In bank nifty option trading, traders have to pay only the premium amount which trades at a very low price and requires very less capital, there is no margin requirement as in bank nifty future, but if a trader is looking to Sell option then there is a requirement of margin amount + premium.

Let us take the example of our Sample trading call to understand options trading -

Buy Bank Nifty 28200CALL @ 200 Target 260 SL-160. So here we are paying a premium of 200 which is equal to 200*20=Rs 4000, so once the target achieves we are going to earn 60 Points means Rs 1200/- per lot profit and if SL hit we will lose Rs 800/- per lot. Options trading is for the traders who want to earn big profit with very low capital but options trading is risky also, trading in option without any knowledge may lose your full capital

Now if we are looking to sell options that require heavy capital and heavy risk so we recommend our clients to trade in Buy option only or otherwise they want to go for sell option it's better to go for Bank-Nifty Future trading

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