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Are you a Risky Trader ???? If Yes Bank nifty option trading is made for you, Because the Fluctuation in Bank nifty varies to 40-60 Points within minutes and the actual game happens on every Thursday where most of the traders play a Hero-Zero Calls and put their entire Capital in 1 Call. This type of trading is very wrong , but risky traders just enjoyed that and some time they make a lottery of It. I as a Personal Trader don’t recommend any type of trade like this, because I Take Share market as my business not as a gambling. After Lots of Research I found one SEBI Registered Research Analyst- Delta Trading, they are very good for Bank Nifty option tips, I am trading with them from last many months and earning good amount of money with safe Capital.  Disclaimer: These are not paid advertisements , the author of this website doesn’t claim any surety about their tips and not connected with Delta Trading. I just want to help my traders community, because I have also lost big amount of money earlier and now recovering with Delta Trading.

Features of Bank nifty tips:-

  • We are providing daily single Bank nifty option tips / Bank Nifty future with single entry and single exit.
  • There will be one call in Bank nifty future and 1 trading call in the bank nifty option. Traders can choose segment according to their working.
  • Our bank nifty trading tips are with single target and single stop loss.
  • We recommend our client to trade daily with the same lots of size and maintaining the same for at least 10 working days.
  • Purely Intraday bank nifty tips will be provided in this package. Either we will exit position @ target or Stoploss or before 03:15 pm we will come out from our position.
  • Daily Target 100 points and Stop-loss - 60 points.
  • We maintain an accuracy of upto 80% in our trading calls.
  • There will be no partial booking in between. Exit at one time only.
  • We provide service through Whats-app and SMS Both.
  • Trading calls will be intraday only there will be no holding in this package.
  • Traders will get a minimum of 5 minutes to enter and 5 minutes to exit in our trading call.
  • Rs 5000/- Capital required to trade in 1 lot trading ( 25 qty per Lot )
  • Bank nifty is too much volatile and its not easy for traders to trade @ given price, so we provide you a range of 5 points to enter in our trading call.
  • Traders will easily get 5-7 Minutes to enter in our Bank nifty future tips and also almost 5-7 minutes to exit from the trading call.
  • To check spot rates of Banknifty check NSE official website.

Format of Bank Nifty Option Tips :

Intraday Bank Nifty Option: Buy Bank Nifty 33100PUT ( 04 June ) @ 107-112  Target 222+ Stoploss 57

Intraday Bank Nifty Option Update: Target Achieved, Exit your position

Intraday Bank Nifty Option: Buy Bank Nifty 35100CALL ( 04 June ) @ 350-355 Target 455+ Stoploss 280
Intraday Bank Nifty Option Update: Target Achieved

Intraday Bank Nifty: Buy Bank Nifty Future @ 32000-32030 Target 32430 Stoploss 31800 ( CMP- 32000)

Intraday Bank Nifty Future Update: Target Achieved. Exit YOur Position Above 32430

Intraday Bank Nifty: Sell Bank Nifty Future @ 31970-32000 Target 31500 SL 32200 ( CMP- 32000)

Intraday Bank Nifty Future Update: Exit Your Position In Bank Nifty Future @ 31600

At bank nifty future tips packages:

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Let us start with understanding the meaning of Nifty Bank, or Bank Nifty, is an index comprised of the most liquid and large capitalised Indian banking stocks. It provides investors with a benchmark that captures the capital market performance of Indian bank stocks. The index has 12 stocks from the banking sector.

Make profit in our banknifty option tips-
Understand complete details here, Lets take a step by step analysis. The lot size of Bank nifty is now changed from 20 to 25. So every point will cost you Rs 25. Our sample call for bank nifty future tips. Suppose the current market price of Bank Nifty future is 21000 and we have provided a buy recommendation."Buy Bank Nifty Future @  21000-21020TARGET 21250 SL- 20920 ( CMP - 21000 )".
In case of bank future price moves from 21000 to 21250 it means our target has been achieved and we have earned 250  Points x 25 = Rs 6,250/-.In the worst-case Bank Nifty future price came down from 21000 to 20920 it means we have lost 80 points x 25 = Rs 2000/-.

Bank nifty option tips trading:
In Banknifty option trading, traders have to pay only the premium amount which trades at a very low price and requires very less capital, there is no margin requirement as in bank nifty future, but if a trader is looking to Sell option then there is a requirement of margin amount + premium.

Let us take the example of our Sample trading call to understand about our bank nifty option tips Buy Banknifty 21000CALL @ 200 Target 300 Stoploss 150 . So here we are paying a premium of 200 which is equal to 200*25=Rs 5,000, so once the target achieves we are going to earn 100 Points means Rs 2500/- per lot profit, and if SL hit we will lose Rs 1250/- per lot. Options trading is for the traders who want to earn big profit with very low capital but options trading is risky also, trading in option without any knowledge may lose your full capital.
Now if we are looking to sell options that require heavy capital and heavy risk so we recommend our clients to trade in Buy option only or otherwise they want to go for sell option it's better to go for bank nifty future tips provider.

Bank Nifty Tips