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Best telegram channel for option tips

Best Telegram Channel For Option Tips

There are lots of Telegram channels are available for option tips now, but 99% of the channels are unregistered and doing work illegally. They ask for your Account management service, do trade in your account and take 50% profit, whenever you get and nothing in case of loss. This is totally illegal and innocent traders get into this trap and these bogus people are Earning in lacs on daily basis without any investment and without any knowledge. So Before getting into the best telegram channel we would like to know you that don’t get into this trap and don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Nowadays, Telegram channels are created by everyone either they are broker, advisor, or some very known website like Now it's up to us how we take benefit from these Telegram channels. There is a Telegram channel available providing you Free tips with proper analysis of work and not charge you any single penny. Telegram channels are the best source to get knowledge, share market tips, or news about shares at the proper time. Book Offers With Best Telegram Channels.

We are SEBI Registered Individual Research analysts and also maintain a telegram channel providing Stock option tips, nifty option tips, and bank nifty option tips for free on our telegram channel, also we update Charts and the basis of our trading call to understand better about the trading updates. These channel are not interlinked and just share for information. Please make your own research before investing with below channels. We will try to upload some more channels as soon as possible. The Best Channel Name is Ajay Gupta ( SEBI Registered ) as per the clients reviews.

​The Best Channel For Option Tips 

Channel Name Channel Link
Ajay Gupta ( Sebi Registered)
Stock Box Private Limited ( SEBI Registered)

Hello Trader, if you are looking for Free Tips on whats app in Stock Future , Stock Option, Index Option And Swing trade. Proper Investment ideas for share market , Please chat with us on whats app and Get Proper Trading updates with SEBI Registered Research Analyst Company.

Channel NameChannel Link
Ajay Gupta ( Sebi Registered)
Money Control

Here is the list of some channels providing news, free share market tips, and complete knowledge in the share market. Admins of these groups will not charge anything for you to provide share market tips, but if you want to learn technical analysis or fundamental analysis they will charge a fee for that. Just by checking the number of subscribers if you think that the group having 100K subscribers are providing tips then you are wrong because Just by advertisement on Facebook by Paying Rs 1-2 they will get 1 subscriber and when you keep a view on that you will find out their tips are not good at all. So more the subscriber more the accurate advisor philosophy is totally wrong. If you are looking for the best telegram channels for intraday tips you need to trade with any SEBI Registered person with a proper risk-reward ratio and you need to give them proper time, Some traders want to invest Rs 40,000 and want to earn Rs 40,000/- on daily basis and these type of traders only get trap in some bogus telegram channels. Ajay Gupta ( SEBI Registered Research Analyst ) Is the best channel for swing trading tips in Stock ( Equity ) And also their trade can also easily take in option. He is one of the best person and having good knowledge of share market. Lots of trader have taken benefit and you are also advised not to miss.

Best Option Channel For Option Trading 

1.Proper Updates: When are providing any free update to our telegram channel we will make sure that we provide proper updates that are proper entry and proper exit to the client. We will not differ between free telegram channel clients and our paid prime members clients. If we provide you the trading update we will give proper follow-up with the proper target and proper stop loss. We will not mention that SL is for paid only or Target is for Paid Only.

2.Technical Charts: Our first aim is to make traders understand the share market and never do a tukka trading. So we keep updating our Charts and always show break our or pattern we are getting in the charts so that traders can understand the share market and can make their own trade in future.

3.Direct Contact with clients: If we are providing any updates, we always take responsibility for the trade by making proper entry and exit. You can contact directly our admin and ask about the share updates. SL And Target are part and parcel of the market but leaving the clients in between the trade are wrong. We will make sure that our free members can also contact us and exit the position properly.

So here is the complete conclusion of our article is that if you are looking for best telegram channel for bank nifty option tips then here is the link for you, can provide you proper updates , news and also you can ask your query.

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