Corona-Effect on the stock market

As you are aware the Indian Stock market National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange Hit the lower circuit on 13th march 2020 and crashed down because of Corona Virus(Covid-19). The market was closed for trading for one hour.

We are discussing here how this virus affected the Indian stock market till now and how much it can affect in the future. How we can save our investments and trades from this virus effect in the Indian stock market. How can we save our economy from the after-effects of this virus.

A large number of long-term and short-term investors with deep analytical knowledge have lost their hard-earned money in March 2020 because of this bad virus which was impossible to predict before march 2020. It could be predicted that suddenly one virus called Corona will come in 2020 and Govt will announce Lockdown and will result in a crash in the Indian Stock Market. As for as Indian Stock Market  Down Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Dax almost all the stock markets in the world had crashed because of this Virus. Crude prices had also dropped heavily.

At last, the Indian Government has got success in developing vaccines for this virus and started vaccination to front line workers from 16th January 2021. Let us hope for the best and may this vaccine got success in destroying this Virus called corona (Covid-19). Even in this pandemic trading tips provided by
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We are of the opinion that the bearish trend will no longer as it was in 2004 and 2008. The market has fallen down very quickly and speedy this time and the very first time in the history of Stock markets. The market will definitely take a U-turn and will show more highs. The investor must be remain invested in the Indian stock market.   

Now we come on intraday trading. Everybody knows that there is no big effect on intraday trading of this type of big events like coronavirus-(covid-19). Hardly it can trigger stop-loss for one or two days. An intraday trader changes their direction after this type of big event. Rather  Intraday traders can earn good profits in his intraday trades by making short trades. If a person or trader trades intraday with proper analysis (which could be done by himself or he can get from any SEBI Registered Research Analyst ), he can make good profits from our Indian stock market. Pandemic like Corona (Covid-19) and more events like this can not harm an intraday trader for a long time. Because maximum harm it can give to the intraday traders is Stop loss of one or two days. This stop loss of one or two days comes in the risk-bearing capacity of the intraday trader. There is no case like that a pandemic or even like that ruined any intraday trader. The maximum loss this pandemic has given to that investor who has sold their investments in Panic and fear. The real investors who remained invested calmly and invested more during this period from march 2020 are in very good profit in the current date. The market has shown lifetime high in the month of January 2021. The market has rewarded good and real investors who had patience. 

In conclusion a real and good investor should not sell his investments in panic, he should wait for the correct time