Stock market analysis/option tips trading is not an easy task. We have to keep monitoring and analyzing continuously on Political, economic situations, not even India but the whole world also. We have to do a deep analysis of the company’s financial data as well as future prospects and order books also.  Technical analysis is also is a very hard and time-consuming job.

As we have discussed earlier only saving money is not enough for securing our future, we have to do good investment to keep our money secure from inflation and a significant increase in our savings. Let us assume you have Rs.1,000/- today it is obvious that you can buy goods of Rs.1,000/- now case 1. You put these Rs,1000/- in your savings bank account with a bank, you will get Rs.1,040 after one year (We assumed rate of interest 4%, which is the prevailing rate of interest nowadays). But after one-year Purchasing power of Rs. 1,000/-will be reduced to Rs.930. (we have assumed the inflation rate is 7%). thus, you have earned Rs.40 as interest and lost Rs.70 as inflation in a nutshell you are in loss of Rs.70/- despite money depositing is saving banks account.

Earning in Indian Stock Market

As you are aware the interest rate on savings is going down day by day. The average rate of interest is 3 to 4 % nowadays. And the average rate of inflation now a day is approximate 6 to 7%. This means if we keep our money in a savings account with a bank, it is losing its value day by day. If a small investor trades us on our recommendations, he can not only able to get successful in beating inflation rather he can earn good returns also. The Indian stock market provides a platform where an investor/ trader can earn good profit with very small risk. The first requirement is a D-Mat account and trading account with a well-reputed brokerage house.  The second step is analysis. We provide our expert guidance on how to get gain from the Indian stock market intraday, short term, or long term. If a new investor having no experience can burn his fingers and may loose his whole capital. The most important thing is what to do, when to do, and how to do trades in the stock market. We provide all these facilities.

That’s why we have to put our savings in good investments which not only can beat inflation and can earn good returns. There is also some more asset class also which can provide good returns as Gold and other precious metals and property. But there is always is risk in these investments’ gold can be stolen, the property can be illegally grabbed. Gold and Property investments can also give negative returns.  So, there is always a risk in every asset class. We provide a genuine and best recommendation to our clients after deep analysis with clear expected return and risk. If any person having less risk capacity, he will earn less return but there will be very little risk. If a person having a good risk capacity can earn a good return. We provide all types of recommendations either it isnifty intraday tipsor nifty future tips. Trade with one of the best nifty future tips provider company in India.