Genuine stock tips provider.

This package is specially designed for the traders who are trading in Intraday NSE Stocks with a trading limit. Daily 1-2 stocks are selected from A grade Stocks and these trading calls provided in this package with single target and single stop-loss.

Our Service Includes:

  • Daily 1 or 2 (A grade) Intraday NSE Stock calls.
  • All calls are provided with a single entry and single exit.
  • One open position at one time.
  • We maintain upto 80% accuracy in this package.
  • Daily trading calls with 1-1.5% target and 1% stop-loss
  • Each call provided with the proper target, stop-loss, and exit levels.
  • Minimum 20% return per month ( After deducting Stop-loss )
  • We prefer to give Intraday tips with small stop-loss.
  • Trading calls are given in the live market only
  • Trading calls will be given to enter and exit @ CMP
  • Traders will get proper time for Entry or Exit.
  • Instant delivered SMS 
  • A listed stock only that means traders will get minimum 5 times the trading limit
  • Both entry and exit SMS will be provided
  • Trade daily with the same capital.

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Single target tips provider

If you keep track of our trading calls, they are accurate and explained with the proper format with target and stop loss rather than confusing anyone. Most of the companies in India show 80-90% accuracy on the website and deliver you 50% and in some cases give you a negative return at the end of the month. Our technical team will help you with every trading call and even you can ask information regarding your own position.

Our Company Nifty Option Tips always provide you Intraday NSE Tips with a single target and single Stoploss. So people will not confuse where to exit our position. Our working is different from all other tips provider companies in India because they provide you multiple exits position.

In our team, we have investment advisors + Research analysts providing you technical + Fundamental trading calls. Our team holds more than 10++ Years of experience in share market and have watched all bearish and bullish condition in the market and they analyze the market completely and provide you sure Intraday NSE Tips.

Genuine Stock Tips Provider