Finnifty Option tips

FINNIFTY is the first index derivatives with a weekly future's contract along with weekly options. The lot size is 40 and at the current index level of 15000, the contract value is approximately Rs 6,00,000/- as compared to Rs 7,50,000/- of Banknifty. Currently, there are very few people who are trading in FinNifty because very few people are aware about that index when we compare the same with Bank nifty or Nifty. So here we saw less volatility as of now, so if you are looking to trade with one of the best option tips providers in India then you are at the right place.

Features of Finnifty Tips:

  • We are providing daily single FinNifty option tips / FinNifty future tips with single entry and single exit.
  • There will be one call in Finnifty future and 1 trading call in the Finnifty option. Traders can choose segment according to their working.
  • Our Finnifty trading tips are with single target and single stop loss.
  • We recommend our client to trade daily with the same lots of size and maintaining the same for at least 10 working days.
  • Purely Intraday Finnifty tips will be provided in this package. Either we will exit position @ target or Stoploss or before 03:15 pm we will come out from our position.
  • Daily Target 70 points and Stop-loss - 50 points.
  • We maintain an accuracy of 80% in our trading calls.
  • There will be no partial booking in between. Exit at one time only.
  • We provide service through Whats-app and SMS Both.
  • Trading calls will be intraday only there will be no holding in this package.
  • Traders will get a minimum of 5 minutes to enter and 5 minutes to exit in our trading call.
  • Rs 10000/- Capital required to trade in 1 lot trading ( 40 qty per Lot )
  • Traders will easily get 5-7 Minutes to enter in our Bank nifty future tips and also almost 5-7 minutes to exit from the trading call.
  • To check spot rates of Finnifty check NSE official website or for proper bank nifty tips.

Finnifty tips