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Intraday Trading Vs Short Term Trading 

Searching for genuine and best intraday trading call providers is very difficult. Through intraday trading, a trader can make a profit and increase his capital daily. But it is not easy as it sounds. Risk is more also in intraday trading in comparison to short-term trading or long-term trading. Lots of knowledge, research, and experience are required for generating and trading in intraday .some traders start intraday trading without knowledge and research or analyzing the trend of market movement, and lose their capital. A trader must do intraday trading after proper analysis or he can take the help of any good Sebi Registered Research Analyst. We are SEBI Registered Research analyst providing daily intraday tips and we are known as one of theBest stock tips providers in India. 

Advantages of intraday trading 

A trader can do intraday trading with very blow capital as most of the brokers provide very high leverage for day trading or intraday trading because there will no position at the end of the day. When there is no carry over any position there is no liability of any pay-in to stock exchanges. The capital requirement is up to cover the risk only.

As everybody knows that anything can happen between market close to next day market opening in the word like any government policy change, any corporate news, war, airstrike, or any type of event which can affect the sentiment of the market. So in intraday trading, there is no risk of the overnight position. There will be no extraordinary loss in intraday trading.

Generally, brokers charge 10 times less brokerage for intraday trading. So an intraday trader can do lots of trading and can buy or sell lots of quantities without bothering to cover the cost of brokerage. For example, if an intraday trader buys shares of 1,00,000/-  and sells them at 1,01,000, his net profit would be 1,000 – 20 Buying brokerage and -20 selling brokerage =960. And in the same case in delivery, his profit would be 1,00,000-200 buying brokerage-200 selling brokerage=only 600. Taxes are also increasing in the ratio of brokerage. An intraday trader can make a higher profit on his capital in comparison to delivery trading. Because of we explained earlier there is a low capital requirement and low brokerage charge. Most of the traders are looking only for the stock option tips, and don't want to trade in the Cash market as they want to get more money in a short time and this is possible in option only, whereas the risk is also big in this segment.

More aspect is liquidity. because in intraday trading the position becomes 0 at the end of the day it means the trader has no liability of paying anything to the broker or exchange. profit or loss will be credited or debited in the account of the trader. So there is a requirement for lots of funds to be retained in the trading account. an intraday trader can easily withdraw or add funds to his account because his account has no liability for pay-in.

After reading above mentioned advantages any trader can encourage to start intraday trading but be very careful as we stated earlier it involves higher risk also. So don’t start intraday trading without proper analysis or take the help of some good Sebi registered research analyst. Don’t start intraday trading on your guesswork only. You may burn your fingers or lose your hard-earned capital and will start blaming intraday trading

Most of the traders take positions keeping in mind only one news or aspect but before taking a position proper detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis is required. Which we will do for you. Every trading call which  we will provide to you will be only after deep  qualitative and quantitative analysis

We try our best to educate the investor or trader to the best of our knowledge and experience. We try our best to disclose all the advantages as well disadvantages, risks, and rewards. Everybody says nobody can earn without taking risks. We say take the risk, no problem, but the risk should be calculative and tolerable.