Crude oil tips specialist

Crude oil intraday tips

We are the No.1 Crude oil tips specialist company in India, providing you perfect trading call with single target and single stop-loss. Our trading calls are perfect for trading either they are a small trader or trading daily with 10-20 Lots. We are providing you perfect technical trading call and make sure we maintain our constant accuracy of 80-90%. Our Tips are providing you constant profit in a month trading.

Why Choose us as a crude oil tips Provider?

  • Daily 1-2 crude oil tips with a single target.
  • Daily target - 50 Points and Sl - 30 Points.
  • Accuracy - 85% minimum in crude oil tips.
  • Plan for Crude oil trade for Intraday Calls.
  • Tips on the basis of Intraday Chart & research only.
  • 1 Open Position At a time.
  • Trading calls are with proper target and proper Stop-loss
  • Mode of calls -Sms, what's app and mail.
  • Minimum Capital required - Rs 50,000/- 
  • Perfect Entry & Exit irrespective of Market condition.

BUY CRUDE OIL @ 5000-5002 TARGET 5031 SL 4980 CMP - 5002



Understand these details before trading in our crude oil tips

  • Trade daily with the same lots of size, For example - If you start trading with 2 lots in our trading call than at least trade with 2 lots for a minimum of 15 working days.
  • Make sure you trade in our daily trade call. Don't miss any trade.
  • Trading with Stop-Loss is necessary for the market, so kindly trade every trading call with proper target and proper stop-Loss.
  • We want our clients to put SL in every trade and once our target Achieved or exits our position before our target then we will send you to exit message that time you need to cancel the stop-loss order and exit your position.
  • Don't Average your position at the bottom, make sure you buy full quantity at one time and exit your position also one time.
  • We are providing trading calls with single target and single Stop-Loss, so we want our clients also to exit their position at single entry and @ single exit.
  • Every trade should with proper discipline if we make mistake in any trade than there is a chance of losing our entire Capital and no more trade after that

Let us understand how to trade in our crude oil intraday tips:-

Let us take a step by step analysis:
The current lot size of Crude Oil is 100. Suppose the current market price of Crude Oil is 4800 and we have provided a buy recommendation."Buy Crude Oil @ 4800 Target 4850 Stop-Loss 4770".
In case of Crudeoil price moves from 4800 to 4850 it means our target has been achieved and we have earned 50 Points x 100 = Rs 5,000/-.In the worst-case Crude oil future price came down from 4800 to 4770 it means we have lost 30 points x 100 = Rs 3000/-

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