Profit from intraday or Day trading

Intraday or day trading is becoming very popular amongst traders nowadays. Traders got results the same day whatever it may be profit or loss. The trader has not to wait till months to get profit. There is limited profit or loss that can happen in a day. Intraday or day trading needs very small investment and traders can get intraday trading limit (Exposure) from their broker. Hence a trader can generate huge returns from his small capital with the help of leverage. When a trader puts basket order only estimated loss is to be retained in his trading account. Intraday trading or day trading doesn’t block or hold trader’s capital. The trader gets his capital free at the end of the day. In day trading the output or profit comes and credited in the account of trader the same day. So it is the shortest way of making money. Intraday traders can get benefit from the market both direction whether it is moving upwards or downwards. If a trader is bullish he can buy and vice versa if he is bearish he can do short sell. But in the case of a short sell, he has to cover the position of short selling before the market close. If a trader does intraday trading he can generate good income.  Brokerage is very less in Intraday trading or day trading. Generally, a brokerage in intraday or day trade is 10 times less in comparison to holding trades. Overnight positions are very risky. it can move 5-10 percent over nightly because of global, political and so many factors but it can not happen in intraday.  In intraday trading there is no need for highly research work even a simple housewife having a computer, the internet can do intraday trading for nifty future tips. There is no need to study fundamentals and financial statements, only intraday charts, and current news needs to study. Returns of day trading are higher than Fixed deposits, bonds, or other traditional investments. Some times the trader gets to profit in one or two hours after that he is free and can do any other work.

Hence we have discussed there so many benefits in trading in intraday or day. We can start intraday trading with a very small investment. No very heavy infrastructure or deep knowledge required for I day trading. Even a retired person having some knowledge of computers and basic knowledge of trading terminal can start working and start earning. Brokers also provide leverage on intraday trading. If a person who is having capital of Rs.10,000/- can take the position of Rs.1,00,000/-. if a person wants to take a position of Rs.1,00,000/- in the position he must have Rs.1,00,000/- in his account. If the market moves only two percent in favor of a trader who is trading with Rs. 10,000 with a limit of 1,00,000/- the trader would earn 20% in a day.  And brokerage factor is also very nominal in day trading. We have not to wait till long to get profit, the whole profit gets credit in the trader’s account at the end of the day. If you are looking to trade in segments like intraday stock future tips then we are here for you.