Stock future tips with single target

Stock future tips with single target:-

This service is for the traders who look to trade in DERIVATIVES. In this pack, we provide intraday stock future tips. These Stock Futures Tips are the result of proper technical analysis of our technical team based upon a research report made by our SEBI Registered Research analyst and help you to grab a considerable profit. Stock Futures Tips with a single target will help you to earn an average profit of Rs 10,000-15,000/- per lot on a daily basis. Get single target stock future tips through SMS, what's app or mail.

Features of single target stock future tips

  • We provide Daily 2 stock future trading tips. One open call @ one time
  • All calls are available with a single target and single stop loss.
  • We are maintaining a constant accuracy of upto 80% in this segment.
  • The Risk-Reward ratio we maintain in this segment is 1:2 Which means Rs 10,000/- per lot target and Rs 5000/- per lot stop loss on every call.
  • Traders will get trading calls directly on their mobile through what's app or SMS or phone call as they want.
  • Mode of payment - Debit card, credit card, net banking.
  • The minimum Capital requirement to trade in this segment depends on the broker you are trading with. Some good brokers are providing good margin and trade is available in Rs 40,000/- for 1 lot 
  • We are maintaining Rs 80,000/- per lot minimum Profit.
  • ​There will be no partial profit booking in between. 
  • There will be no modification in Stoploss And Target
  • 100% Intraday Tips and no Holding for the next day. If clients are looking for positional stock future tips then take that package, this package is for traders who want to trade purely in Intraday Stock future tips. 
  • We update our actual performance on a daily basis.
  • We provide the proper range to enter our trading call.
  • Traders will get minimum 5 mins to enter in our trading calls
  • Traders will get a minimum of 5 mins to exit from our trading call

Sample Call: 

Intraday Stock Future - Sell Bajaj Auto Future ( 28 May ) @ 2450-2455 Target 2350 Stoploss 2500

Intraday Stock Future Updation: Target Achieved. Book Full Profit

How to trade in Stock Future Tips?

Trading in Stock future is difficult, but we make it easy for you by providing stock future tips with single target and single stop-loss, we advise our traders to take 1 Day free trial in our trading call and judge our entry timing and exit. Trade daily with the same lot ( like 1 lot ) in every stock to maintain the risk-reward ratio. Check our daily performance of Stock future tips to make Rs 80,000++ profit monthly.

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