Stock Option Tips with single target

Stock Option Tips on Mobile


  • We are providing you daily Intraday Stock Option tips with a single target and single stop-loss.
  • Trading tips are with a single entry and single exit.
  • We provide Stock Options tips with single target Rs 3000/- per lot profit. Stop-loss Rs 2000/- per lot
  • Most of the time we never exit our position in between, but if there is No target or Stoploss reaches till 03:00 PM we will exit our position.
  • We are providing you daily 1-2 Intraday stock option tips.
  • We are maintaining a constant accuracy of  upto 80% in this segment.
  • Traders will get our trading call through SMS or WhatsApp as they want.
  • Minimum Margin Required - Rs 20,000/- per lot
  • There will be Intraday stock option tips only in this package. You can choose our positional package to trade in Positional stock option tips.
  • We are providing tips in good faith only.

How to work in this segment?

  • Trade Daily with the same lots of size, So that we can maintain our risk-reward Ratio
  • Don't trade over your capacity
  • Keep Margin Money for safety, so if any 2-3 stop-loss hit in a row 
  • If we maintain a minimum 80% accuracy, then also you will get 30,000-40,000/- profit in a month

Now let us understand how to trade in Intraday Stock option tips:-
In stock option trading, traders have to pay only the premium amount which trades at a very low price and requires very less capital, there is no margin requirement as in stock future, but if a trader is looking to Sell option then there is a requirement of margin amount + premium

Let us take the example of our Sample trading call to understand options trading -

Buy Reliance 1540PUT @ 11 Target 17 SL-07.The lot size of Reliance is 500. So here we are paying a premium of  Rs 5500/- which is equal to 11*500=Rs 5500, so once the target achieves we are going to earn 6 Points means Rs 3000/- per lot profit and if SL hit we will lose Rs 2000/- per lot. Options trading is for the traders who want to earn big profit with very low capital but options trading is risky also, trading in option without any knowledge may lose your full capital.Get information about Index Option Tips here