DateScriptStrike PEntryTargetStop-LossRemarksProfit/Loss
01-DecBank Nifty25300PE165230125Sl Hit-40 Points
Bank Nifty 25400PE158 218114 Tgt Achvd48 Points
04-DecBank Nifty25200CE166230126Sl Hit-40 Points



No Call

07-DecBank Nifty25000CE6012020SL Hit-40 Points
11-DecBank Nifty25400PE13023090Tgt Achvd100 Points
13-DecBank Nifty25000CE142202102Tgt Achvd60 Points
19-DecBank Nifty25600PE160220120Sl hit-40 Points
27-DecBank Nifty25800PE12022080Tgt Achvd100 Points
28-DecBank Nifty25600PE13023087Sl HIt-43 Points

Total Profit - Rs 22,000/-

01-Dec .. Due to sudden fall in Bank nifty .. Traders get entry @ 170 that'y we show 48 points profit , also most of clients exit 25300 Put also @ TGT

11- Dec BTST Call Exit on 12 Dec